Dec 6, 2010

My first Quilled card

In the beginning when i was learning about quilling techniques i was so anxious to make my first one. I was not even sure whether i ll get any of the quilling supplies here in Kuwait. But that didn't stop me. I took a white paper and made few strips out of it. I coloured them pink, yellow and green. Next step was curling and i made teardrop shapes. I used the yellow strip to make a tight roll for the centre of the flower. The pink teardrops for the petals of the flower and one green eye for the leaf. Another green for a scroll. It is a very simple design but i absolutely loved the idea. Since then i have been busy making all the necessary tools. Further exploration of various blogs has helped me so much. Now i have a separate box to keep my home made slotted tool, craft knife, scissors and few bottle caps for making equal sized coils. I am sorry that this post also has to go without any snaps as my son had fun time pulling out the coils by one end before i could take a snap. I am experimenting with various other techniques like fringed flowers and spiral roses. Hope to use it in my next project.

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