May 31, 2014

To Revive my blog

I have been missing from blogland for a long long long time. Family commitments, new job and many other things kept me busy. Though I did small projects here and there, I missed out to concentrate on big projects as such. I had to restart somewhere. And here it was, Pratyusha of Pratvam Progs came along with a contest to celebrate 1000 likes on her FB page. Submitting this for Pratyusha's contest
Category 2: Typographical Quilling

Firstly, the rough sketch of the motifs around the design i printed out using samarkan font. I am in love with this font.
The final Design:
 Some detailed photos:

I made this for a special friend M, hope she likes this. May your cute little bundle of joy bring you all the happiness that is there in this world.

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Thank you.

Dec 6, 2010

My first Quilled card

In the beginning when i was learning about quilling techniques i was so anxious to make my first one. I was not even sure whether i ll get any of the quilling supplies here in Kuwait. But that didn't stop me. I took a white paper and made few strips out of it. I coloured them pink, yellow and green. Next step was curling and i made teardrop shapes. I used the yellow strip to make a tight roll for the centre of the flower. The pink teardrops for the petals of the flower and one green eye for the leaf. Another green for a scroll. It is a very simple design but i absolutely loved the idea. Since then i have been busy making all the necessary tools. Further exploration of various blogs has helped me so much. Now i have a separate box to keep my home made slotted tool, craft knife, scissors and few bottle caps for making equal sized coils. I am sorry that this post also has to go without any snaps as my son had fun time pulling out the coils by one end before i could take a snap. I am experimenting with various other techniques like fringed flowers and spiral roses. Hope to use it in my next project.

My 'Craft' side

Art and Craft has been my favorite hobby since i was a child. I am the only child to my parents hence paper, scissors, glue, tape, etc. have always been my leisure time companions. Origami is my favorite among other paper crafts. Back then i didn't have the technology or guidance to learn and develop my skills. And for the same reason i couldn't preserve my works too. Now that i have the opportunity in my hands i am all set to use it to the best. While browsing for some new origami ideas i came across this term "Quilling". The term "Quilling" itself was new to me so i started to browse about it. The more i learned about it the more i liked it. The more i like it the more i do it. Now a days quilling has become a part of my daily chores. If not much i atleast cut the strips for my forthcoming projects. Being a stay at home mom hasn't been easy for me. For me quilling has been so relieving.