Dec 6, 2010

My 'Craft' side

Art and Craft has been my favorite hobby since i was a child. I am the only child to my parents hence paper, scissors, glue, tape, etc. have always been my leisure time companions. Origami is my favorite among other paper crafts. Back then i didn't have the technology or guidance to learn and develop my skills. And for the same reason i couldn't preserve my works too. Now that i have the opportunity in my hands i am all set to use it to the best. While browsing for some new origami ideas i came across this term "Quilling". The term "Quilling" itself was new to me so i started to browse about it. The more i learned about it the more i liked it. The more i like it the more i do it. Now a days quilling has become a part of my daily chores. If not much i atleast cut the strips for my forthcoming projects. Being a stay at home mom hasn't been easy for me. For me quilling has been so relieving.

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  1. Hi!! Thanks for hoping to my Blog. I see you are still setting up yours :) i'll be happy to see your swing card! Thanks for the lovely comments!